About Me

Dez Mason started making music in 2001 when he was just 9 years old; heavily inspired by Busta Rhymes, Eminem, Jay-z & Tupac. Dez reminisces with us stating "I remember rapping Tupac lyrics to my mother in the living room, and that adrenaline from music, power lyrics and energy, I knew it was in my blood to entertain the world one day". Dez released his 2nd mixtape "The Red Tape" in May 2015. The mixtape best described his craft: bold, aggressive, creative and very high in energy. That mixtape is where Dez's first fan base started. 

Present day, 2017, Dez is currently working on his album "The Gold Era" while he simultaneously puts the finishing touches on his upcoming mixtape "Crooked Crown Crooks". Dez's "Crooked Crown Crooks" mixtape is scheduled to release Spring 2017.

In Fall 2016, Dez released a clothing line "Crooked Crown Clothing". Dez's passion and mission was always to uplift and motivate people and thats what the Crown resembles on the clothing. Dez is planning to continue the clothing line and bring more items coming Spring 2017.