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Dez, from Wilmington DE, has been writing music since he was nine. Dez’s Mom passed down her love for old-school hip-hop, playing future influences like Busta Rhymes, Jay-z, Em, Snoop, and NWA. Dez also has modern day influences such as Drake, Big Sean, and J. Cole

Despite the many challenges Dez struggled with as an inner city youth, he continued to write music. Using the art-form as an outlet, he was was able to express anger, pain and other negative feelings in a productive way, rather than taking the emotions out on the street.

Once Dez found out his Grandmother (GG) had breast cancer, he took the music to a new level. With his platform, he continues to raise money for breast cancer every October in Philly in partnership with College Shows. 

Still not satisfied, Dez pushed himself to find another way to donate money to breast cancer. That’s when the clothing line started in 2016. In the two years since the company’s been established, this small, local business has been able to raise money for cancer research, autism, hurricane relief & more, expanding to DC, NYC, and Philly, NC, Texas 


Dez will continue to build his following in both fashion and music.