About Me

Dez from Wilmington DE always had a thing for creativity. Ever since he was 9, he would write music and perform for his friends and family. Based off the attention he received, he continued to perfect the craft of being a word smith. 

Living as an inner city youth, he was exposed to many things. But he kept focused and continued to write music throughout junior high and highschool, while also performing in Open Mics, booked performances and also school plays. 

In 2014 his Grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Dez wanted to make sure he raised money for the procedure and also made it his mission to spread awareness. He patterned up with a college in Center City Philly to do shows there to help raise money for breast cancer. 


And then in 2016, Crooked Crown Label was born. Crooked Crown was originally made to raise money for Breast Cancer for only one month in October. With the high demand, even after October, Crooked Crown continued and now is a full Label in 2020.